About Us

We're Product People

We care about building successful products that help people and organisations achieve real outcomes. We hire inquisitive, passionate people who are all capable of traversing multiple roles: designers who code, developers who wireframe, principals who product manage.

We are long-term exponents of lean and agile software development. We value input from all areas of business in pursuit of the right product, and flex our approach to fit with the unique environments of our clients.

Our Mission

Cultivate seek to inspire the world to build software in a fundamentally better way that leads to more value for society, organisations, and the creators themselves.

We bring a diversity of backgrounds, cultures, and viewpoints to bear on problems and stay mindful of the sustainability of our teams, our community, and ourselves.

We listen to, and welcome opinions that diverge from our own. We are honest and transparent with each other, our clients, and partners. We learn from, and give back to our clients, colleagues and the community around us.

Our History

EdgeCase > Neo > Cultivate

Cultivate’s team have a rich heritage in software development, user experience design, and business acumen. Throughout our history, we have operated under a number of brand names, but our vision and passion for our craft remains unchanged.

In 2007 EdgeCase was formed — a software development studio with a passion for craftsmanship, delivering high quality Ruby on Rails software. In 2009 we became part of the EdgeCase story, with the opening of the UK office in Edinburgh.

January 2012 saw EdgeCase acquired as part of the formation of Neo, a global product development studio. Neo brought together some of the best engineering and design consultancies to deliver Lean and Agile services to clients around the world. This added Lean UX, Lean Startup, and Customer Development to our skillset.

Cultivate was formed in September 2014, when we separated amicably from Neo. We continue to bring our core values — humility, honesty and craft — to delivering world-class engineering, design, and business strategy to the UK and wider European markets.

We're passionate about understanding businesses, ideas and people. Let's Talk