Data policy


Recruitment data policy

Source of Candidate Data

Currently we do not collect data from anyone other than the candidate. A candidate will only appear in our recruitment systems by initially emailing

Data storage

Emails are received by all staff members in their Google GSuite Mailbox. Typically emails are archived but never deleted.

Those emails are also received by a custom recruitment Trello board. Each candidate is represented by a single card on that board. The board is used to track a candidate's progress through our recruitment process. Subsequent emails and notes on conversations are added to this card.

A successful candidate's Trello card is deleted before they join.

An unsuccessful candidate's Trello card is deleted one year after the last recruitment interaction.

Erasure procedure

Should a candidate wish to be erased from our system, they should get in touch via They should tell us of the email addresses that they have used to communicate with us. We will

  • Instruct current staff members to search and delete all emails to and from that candidate from their company email account
  • Delete the candidate's Trello card

Note that staff members who leave Cultivate have their Cultivate email deleted.

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