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Our team have many years of experience successfully delivering complex web applications for our clients. We're already using Elixir on live client projects and can partner with you to make the most of Elixir for your next project.

Future Proof

We believe the combination of Phoenix, Ecto and Elixir is the the future of web applications. While Phoenix is just as productive as Rails it has a more scalable philosophy. Out of the box, Phoenix in Umbrella Applications give us a great framework for organising the structure of our projects, ready to grow with our clients’ needs. The amazing power and resilience of OTP is there when we need it.

Community, Talks and Blog Posts

We are proud sponsors of Elixir London Conference, Elixir Conf EU and Code Sync - Code Elixir, and look forward to being part of the community as it grows and develops.

Our very own Alan Gardner (@mr_urf) spoke at ElixirConf 2015 on combining the Phoenix web framework with the Elm programming language. You can watch the talk below or check out our in-depth tutorial in our blog.

Paul Wilson (@paulanthonywils), our Managing Director recently gave a talk about using Elixir and Nerves at ElixirConfEU 2016. You can also find his talk below.

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Phoenix with Elm - ElixirConf 2015

How to Build a Slack-Controlled, Saxophone-Playing Robot (on Wheels) Using Elixir and Nerves - ElixirConfEU 2016

Looking to start a new project, or improve an existing one?

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