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Screen Readers

Introducing screen readers: this is the first post in a series of posts focusing on accessibility and user experience considerations when developing for the web.

How to clear an elasticsearch index

In the event you need to tear down your elasticsearch index, there is a web API that you can take advantage of to make this fairly straight forward.

My Sublime Text 2 Config

Sublime Text 2 has been my editor of choice for about a year now. It's a great piece of software, but gradually I've been adding my own config options to make it just that little bit nicer for working with on a daily basis. I like it, and the guys in the office like it enough that it's the default config on our pairing machines at the moment.

Rails 3: Validation Reflection

A recent addition to `ActiveModel` is the introduction of a couple of methods for validation reflection.

Rails 3: HTML Escaping

So you've been working on Rails apps for a while, and like all good developers, you've been escaping any content rendered in your views that your application's users might have entered, right?

Rails 3: Add validations to non-ActiveRecord::Base models

Prior to Rails 3, if you wanted to add validations to models which didn't inherit from `ActiveRecord::Base`, you'd probably resort to using a gem/plugin that re-implements much of the behaviour or has some dirty hooks into the ActiveRecord private API.

Rails 3: Routing Examples

Rails 3 introduced a new routing DSL that is a little bit different from the Rails 2 version. This quick guide covers a few examples of the new routes, and how they compare to Rails 2.
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