Posts from 2010

Rails 3: Validation Reflection

A recent addition to `ActiveModel` is the introduction of a couple of methods for validation reflection.

Rails 3: HTML Escaping

So you've been working on Rails apps for a while, and like all good developers, you've been escaping any content rendered in your views that your application's users might have entered, right?

Rails 3: Add validations to non-ActiveRecord::Base models

Prior to Rails 3, if you wanted to add validations to models which didn't inherit from `ActiveRecord::Base`, you'd probably resort to using a gem/plugin that re-implements much of the behaviour or has some dirty hooks into the ActiveRecord private API.

Rails 3: Routing Examples

Rails 3 introduced a new routing DSL that is a little bit different from the Rails 2 version. This quick guide covers a few examples of the new routes, and how they compare to Rails 2.
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