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Grokking Lean UX

I was tidying up my study last week and stumbled across my copy of the Lean UX book. It's a pretty quick read, so I thought I'd go through it again. I'm glad I did, because something struck me that I missed the first time round.

The Many Faces of Test Driven Development

Like many religious wars, the Test Driven Development debate seems interminable, unpleasant, and not a little tedious. "Mocks Suck and cause brittle tests." "No, including real collaborators in your tests makes them brittle." "That's not a unit test". "It's not about testing, it's about design." "No, it's about documentation."

Pseudo Random Number Generation in Elixir

I recently started learning Elixir and decided for my first "real" project to implement a basic genetic algorithm. I like to do this to kick the tyres on a new language because it's a non-trivial problem that gives you a good idea of what it's like to work with that language.

Practice Makes Perfect

In December last year, around 3,000 programmers in 160 cities around the world gave up their Saturday to write code — code they deliberately threw away. They were not being weird or frivolous. They were there to take part in The Global Day of Code Retreat, and improve their craft.

How to clear an elasticsearch index

In the event you need to tear down your elasticsearch index, there is a web API that you can take advantage of to make this fairly straight forward.

Go Team, Go!

Last year some friends and I took part in a charity event to raise funds for Maggie’s Cancer Centres. This was no ordinary event, this was Maggie’s Monster Bike and Hike, a 24 hour challenge to travel as far as you can between Fort William and Inverness which is about 71 miles.

The future of Ruby

I am not a very old-school Rubyist. My involvement dates from 2005 when I, along with many of my Extreme Programming (XP) colleagues, joined the Great Rails Bandwagon. It is telling that so many of the people who became involved around that time were from the Agile/XP community. We were sick of the mountains of glue code and XML configuration that stood in the way of us getting things done in Enterprise Java.

My Sublime Text 2 Config

Sublime Text 2 has been my editor of choice for about a year now. It's a great piece of software, but gradually I've been adding my own config options to make it just that little bit nicer for working with on a daily basis. I like it, and the guys in the office like it enough that it's the default config on our pairing machines at the moment.

Rails 3: Validation Reflection

A recent addition to `ActiveModel` is the introduction of a couple of methods for validation reflection.
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